BEMY’s flagship product, Formula U™ is the most scientifically effective anti-aging skin cream available.

Skin, like all other tissues, ages over time from programmed senescence, inflammation, and oxidative stress related in large part to genetics and lifestyle (smoking, sun exposure, diet, etc.).The growth factors that are secreted by young fibroblasts maintain a healthy, youthful extracellular matrix which characterizes the skin. As the concentration of these growth factors diminishes with age, the fabric of the skin loses elasticity, hyaluronic acid, collagen and moisture-and it begins to show signs of aging.

  • Isolate and reprogram aged human skin cells (directly from the customer) into substantially younger and more active/efficient cells for extraction of vital ingredients from these youthful human cells

  • Supplement youthful autologous growth factors derived from transfecting an individual’s own skin cells with specifically encoded mRNA

  • Extend the plasticity of skin cells

BEMY’s cosmetic skin cream lines do not use stem cells, nor cells obtained from embryos, neonatal fibroblasts (infant foreskin), unfertilized eggs, or cord blood/tissue.  The final product does not contain cells or mRNA.

Future Products and Applications

Utilizing its platform technology, BEMY has plans to offer new products to the market.

A Skin Care Revolution

BEMY is the first company in the world harnessing patented mRNA technology for production of a cosmetic skin care line.

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