Empowering your skin to rejuvenate itself

Your mRNA-rejuvenated cellular chemistry is the source of your skin’s fountain of youth.


A Targeted Approach to Personalized Skin Care

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of scientists with decades of experience researching and developing mRNA.

  • Data Driven – Beyond just before and after photos

  • Results Orientated – Initial trials revealed eye opening data

  • Research Led – From the top minds in science

Our scientists are among the world’s elite mRNA experts. They have mastered the art of delivering specific mRNA sequences into cells in order to have those cells functioning as chosen.

Our approach


The company, founded by PhD scientists and entrepreneurs uses modulating components, such as messenger RNA (mRNA), in rejuvenating and optimizing the cellular components, and combining these youthful proteins, peptides, cytokines, growth factors with other ingredients, for cosmetic and therapeutic applications.


BEMY is creating a paradigm shift in the cosmetic industry. We’ve discovered how to customize our formulations to address an individual’s specific needs as it pertains to the skin.

Ultra-Personalization and Beyond

BEMY is building upon a platform technology that can be applied to many other uses.  By establishing ourselves as a leader in ultra-personalized cosmetic products, the company will be offering semi-personalized products for mass market distribution.

Formulating with AI

By giving customers the ability to provide feedback and customize their products online, our system will keep track of trends, thus constantly optimizing small molecule and base formulations. In essence, BEMY’s products are always improving in real-time. This information will be used to help create the first roll out of semi-personalized products for mass market distribution.

Technology-Related Publications

Early mRNA experiments conducted by members of our team have paved the way to opening up opportunities for BEMY to offer safe and effective anti-aging products to the world.  These are some of the landmark publications that highlight the efficacy of our processes.

“I have been using BEMY consistently for three years as my single beauty treatment. Before I found BEMY, I was always on the lookout for the next new cream or serum that would help with aging skin switching up product every 6 months or so since most creams and serums don’t have lasting benefits that are effective over time. With BEMY, I have no desire to try any other product. Even when I have left town forgetting BEMY, I have noticed a difference in my skin which is a reminder of why I love it so much. BEMY has improved my skin’s texture and fine lines with a more hydrated, smoother and youthful appearance. It has also simplified my beauty routine. One product with a double pump morning and night.”
- Rebecca Dawson


BEMY relies on decades of research and scientific expertise to implement ethical, effective practices in the pursuit of becoming the world leader in tailored cosmetic technologies.

A Skin Care Revolution

BEMY is the first company in the world harnessing patented mRNA technology for production of a cosmetic skin care line.

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